Don’t take profession like T20 match, lawyers advised

Anantapur District Court completes 100 years

Chief Justice of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh Arup Kumar Goswami advised young lawyers and judges in the fraternity to work hard to achieve excellence and not to take the profession like a T20 or One-Day match in cricket. See it as a Test match and have a lot of patience, he said.

Addressing a gathering of judges, lawyers and students at the centenary celebrations of the Anantapur District Court here on Saturday, Justice Goswami said such a vast gathering of people from his own fraternity had made him nostalgic. He said it was while working together with some legal luminaries that he had learnt a lot, and advised the youth to think about the case for three hours, if they study it for two hours, so that they could argue logically in the courtroom with patience.

He put the onus of improving the skills of young lawyers on the seniors and asked the seniors to guide them properly. He said in his early days, his seniors used to attend the court cases in which he was arguing so that they could correct him and show the right method. The lasting bond between the seniors and juniors would go a long way in improving the quality of arguments, he opined.

He congratulated the judges and lawyers in Anantapur for keeping the highest traditions of the judiciary alive and doing their best to deliver justice to the people. Other judges who spoke included J. Uma Devi, M. Ganga Rao, Matam Venkata Ramana, Rao Raghunandan Rao, K. Suresh Reddy of A.P. High Court and Challa Kodanda Ram of High Court of Telangana.

Other High Court judges said many judicial luminaries might come and go, but the traditions must go on and justice to people must be delivered from this place, which has been happening all these 100 years in Anantapur. The Chief Justice unveiled a pylon to mark the completion of 100 years of the court in Anantapur.

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