Do not hero-worship Rajiv case convicts: Karti Chidambaram


When the courts had found them guilty of having assassinated the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and awarded punishment as per the laws of the land, there was no reason to worship the convicts in the case like heroes, said Congress MP Karti Chidambaram in Karikudi on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters, he said that after exhaustive investigations and trial, the judgement in the case was delivered. “If the court had acquitted them, then it was a different issue. Moreover, along with the then Prime Minister, many Tamils had died, but nobody talked about them or had visited the dependents and heard their plights till date,” he said.

Asked about sections of people joining the BJP, Mr. Karti claimed that those who were wanted by police and people who had committed crimes went there (BJP) for a safe hideout. There was nothing big about this. The people are clear to send both the AIADMK and its partner BJP out. It will take place in Tamil Nadu in three months and in the country in three years, he said.

On the Makkal Needhi Maiam, he said that Kamal Hassan’s ideology appeared to be secular. Hence, he should align with major secular parties. In Tamil Nadu, he should come together and strengthen the hands of the DMK and Congress. If the idea was to chase away the corrupt AIADMK and the Hindutva-backed BJP in TN, secular forces should come together. Only then, it would serve the purpose or else, Mr. Hassan may walk away with miniscule votes, which may not be of any use.

The MNM founder should take a firm and bold decision at this juncture by coming together with the DMK front, which would place him at an advantage in the long run in Tamil Nadu politics. The people, especially the youth, looked for a change, he responded.

Asked to comment about the prospects for the DMK front, he said that there would be a repeat performance of 2019, where the people voted for the DMK-Congress combine in the Lok Sabha election.

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