‘Dictatorship in UP, Tripura; Mamata among most popular CMs’: Tripura BJP MLA

Asked why he was endorsing Banerjee despite being a BJP legislator, Das said, “I am a proud Bengali…There are many people who want to see Mamata become the PM one day.”

Firing a salvo at his own party, Tripura BJP MLA Ashish Das on Monday said national assets are being sold off to private players and dictatorship is reigning supreme in Tripura and other BJP-ruled states like Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. He also said that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s victory in the Bhabanipur bypoll will propel her to became a “face” for the Opposition ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Speaking to reporters in West Bengal on Monday, Das lavished praise on Banerjee, saying that the TMC supremo has risen to become one of the most popular chief ministers in the country. “All evil forces would be destroyed by the matri shakti,” he said.

Das, who is in West Bengal for two days now, also said while Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has called for a fight against corruption, his government has sold off huge national assets to private owners.

“There was a time when the Prime Minister had said, ‘Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga, Desh Nahin Bikne Dunga (Won’t allow any corruption in the country)’. But people of the country are seeing today how all national institutions are being sold off to private owners. Dictatorship is reigning supreme in BJP-ruled states like Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Tripura. Mamata Banerjee has become a face for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls,” the MLA said.

Asked why he was endorsing Banerjee despite being a BJP legislator, Das said, “The entire country is looking for a face today. I am a proud Bengali. We must remember that Bengalis had a huge contribution in the fight against the British colonisers. But they never got the dignity they deserved. There are many people who want to see Mamata become the Prime Minister one day.”

On speculations regarding the purpose of his visit to West Bengal, Das said, “I have to be present for some rituals at Kalighat tomorrow. Things will be clearer in the due course of time. But I can’t say anything more at the moment.”

Reacting to his statements, Tripura BJP chief spokesperson Subrata Chakraborty said, “We don’t have any information on Das switching over to the Trinamool Congress. He himself has clarified everything. We need not say anything more. The people of Bengal today feel they made a big mistake after seeing the post-poll violence that has taken place. I think Das is a bit confused now. There is no other reason why he should praise Mamata.”

However, he added that BJP always keeps a keen watch on the activities of all its party leaders. “We will take action if and when it is required,” he said.

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