Dia Mirza: My marriage is not result of pregnancy

Wild Dog lady Dia Mirza recently took to Instagram to announce that she is pregnant. While many people and celebrities congratulated her, but she was also  trolled for the timing of her pregnancy announcement. Recently she was questioned about why she did not announce her pregnancy before her wedding break stereotypes as she did with a woman priest officiating at her marriage.

Sanju fame actress replied, “Interesting question. Firstly, we didn’t tie the knot because we were having a baby together. We were already marrying as we wanted to spend lives together. We discovered we were going to have a baby while we were planning our wedding. So my marriage is not the result of pregnancy. This is the happiest news of my life as I have waited for many years for this to happen.”

Thappad actress Dia Mirza also said, “Having a kid is a beautiful gift of the life and there must never be any shame attached to this beautiful journey .As women we must always exercise our choice, Whether we choose to be single and parent a child or be in a wedding it is after all our choice.

In the month of February, Dia Mirza married businessman Vaibhav Rekhi. Earlier she was married to Sahil Sangha and in the month of August 2019, Dia and Sahil announced their separation.

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