Delicate surgery performed on pregnant woman

A complex spine surgery was performed on 22-year-old pregnant woman by doctors at Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam, recently.

Pravallikka, the victim, had been suffering from severe back pain for the past month and was also gradually losing strength in her legs. She was also into her third month of pregnancy and had been confined to bed for almost a month.

She was admitted to Medicover Hospitals after her condition worsened. Dr. Suresh Tatineni, chief consultant neurosurgeon, examined her and found that she had contracted spastic quadriplegia paralysis. An MRI scan revealed that she was suffering from T-1 cock spine. The T1 vertical body was completely damaged by the TB spine. This caused the pus to go inside and put extreme pressure on the spine causing it to be damaged and eventually the legs lost their movement.

A cervical procedure involving removal of the T1 part and draining the pus and fixing it from C7 to T2 was done. This was the most complex surgery, especially, in the case of pregnant women. The woman regained strength in both legs a week after the surgery, Dr. Suresh added.

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