Delhi govt. has failed on all fronts: BJP

Bidhuri accuses CM of mismanagement during COVID-19

Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly Ramvir Singh Bidhuri on Monday alleged that the Delhi government had failed on all fronts in the first year of its third term.

The government, Mr. Bidhuri alleged, did not even have “a single achievement to its name” in the whole year and nothing to show in the name of development despite having a budget of ₹65,000 crores.

“Be it the health sector, education, power, water, pollution or even roads, there has been no movement of any work. The biggest challenge faced by the Kejriwal government and the people of Delhi was COVID-19, but the government proved to be a big zero. It was only the Central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah that came to the rescue of the people of Delhi,” he alleged.

During the lockdown, the Kejriwal government had failed the migrant workers by not providing any facility or scheme to look after them, he said.

‘Promises not kept’

The Kejriwal government had promised free Wi-Fi, strengthening of streetlights, installing four lakh CCTVs for the security and safety of the citizens especially women but all these remained on paper only.

Referring to pollution in the Capital, the LoP said, every year Delhi became a gas chamber but there had hardly been any movement by the government to deal with the situation.

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