Defence civilian employees observe ‘Black Day’

The demonstration condemned promulgation of EDSO 2021

Describing the Essential Defence Services Ordinance (EDSO) 2021 as ‘draconian,’ employees of the two ordnance factories in the district staged a ‘Black Day’ protest on Thursday.

The protesters held a black flag demonstration demanding withdrawal of the Centre’s decision to corporatise the Ordnance Factory Board.

The protest was conducted in the run-up to the indefinite strike of 76,000 defence civilian employees of 41 ordnance factories under the Ministry of Defence from July 26, against the ‘arbitrary and biased’ decision taken by the Centre to ‘splinter the 41 units into seven non-viable corporations’.

A joint call for the ‘Black Day’ protest given by All India Defence Employees’ Federation, Indian National Defence Workers’ Federation, Bharatiya Pratiraksa Mazdoor Sangh, National Progressive Defence Employees’ Federation and All India Bahujan Defence Employees’ Federation was supported by central trade unions, industrial federations and political parties.

In Tiruchi, the employees of Golden Rock Railway Workshop also lent their support for the protest.

The federations earlier passed a resolution condemning the EDSO 2021 that was promulgated on June 30 and demanded its withdrawal. “The struggle against EDSO 2021, corporatisation and privatisation in defence sector will be further intensified in the coming days,” C. Srikumar, general secretary, All India Defence Employees Federation, said.

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