Data | Tirath Singh Rawat vacates office in less than four months: CMs with shortest stints

In the 20 States for which data were available, 49 Chief Ministers ruled for less than 120 days between 1962 and 2021

Just 114 days after taking charge as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Tirath Singh Rawat resigned on July 2, as the six-month deadline for him to get elected to the Assembly was fast approaching. Due to the pandemic, the Election Commission has not yet decided to hold byelections to various Rajya Sabha and Assembly seats vacant across the country. In at least 44 instances, Chief Ministers held the office for less than 114 days, an analysis of those who came to power between 1962 and 2021 across 20 States, shows. The graph depicts all the Chief Ministers who lasted less than 120 days. The smaller and darker the circle, the shorter the tenure.

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