Cyclone Nivar | Flights, Metro and buses resume service

Govt. gives nod hours after landfall

Transport services in the districts affected by Cyclone Nivar resumed on Thursday.

While flight services resumed from 9 a.m., Chennai Metro Rail services started at noon after the cyclone made landfall.

Officials at the Airports Authority of India said while some flights were cancelled, most others went as per schedule.

“It was a bit of a challenge because there were good winds that continued throughout the day; but there were no disruptions and a majority of them were departing and arriving on time,” an official said.

On Friday, they did expect many flights to be cancelled, and nearly 200 departure and arrival flights will be operated from Chennai airport, sources said.

Metro services

Nearly 9,000 passengers travelled by the Chennai Metro on Wednesday, from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. The services started at noon on Thursday after an inspection was carried out. “We wanted to check the track, overhead cables and signalling system before the services resumed. We can’t take chances with the safety of passengers,” an official said.

But sources said many had voiced concern that it could have been planned better.

“Even if the services were to start late in the day, they should have communicated this to the passengers in advance. We can’t keep them guessing till the last minute when the services will start. We have to plan and make announcements much ahead. That will show that we are a reliable system,” a source said.

Bus services in seven districts where they were suspended in view of the cyclone resumed from noon on Thursday.

Bus services had been suspended in Chengalpattu, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Tirivarur, Thanjavur and Pudukkottai districts from 1 pm on November 24.

Suburban trains

The Southern Railway will resume the 244 workmen special suburban train services from Friday morning.

On Thursday, the Southern Railway restarted suburban train services in a limited manner on three routes from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Train services were operated on Chennai Moore Market Complex–Arakkonam, Chennai Moore Market Complex–Gummudipoondi and Chennai Beach-Chengalpattu routes every hour in both directions.

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