‘Crazy Creations must continue staging plays’

Kamal Haasan, Moulee reminisce the work of ‘Crazy’ Mohan

“Crazy creations back with a big crazy bang”, read the tickets to the 100th show of ‘Crazy Premiere League’ at Narada Gaana Sabha on Sunday morning.

Ahead of the play, friends, colleagues and well-wishers of Tamil theatre artist and script writer “Crazy” Mohan spoke to a packed auditorium, to celebrate his work.

Crazy Mohan died on June 10, following an acute heart attack.

“There are several phone numbers I cannot bring myself to delete from my phone, despite the persons no longer being here. K. Balachander, Nagesh, Ananthu and now, Mohan. We used to talk nearly every day,” said actor Kamal Haasan. He recalled how he was shooting for a film once at the St. Mary’s Road graveyard and saw someone like Mr. Mohan drive by nearby. “He must have been scared to hear a voice calling out to him from a graveyard, but he came anyway,” said the actor in a lighter vein, adding that their association in films began that day. Mr. Haasan thanked technology for making the works of greats like Moulee and Crazy Mohan available online. “However, the value of stage shows will never diminish. Crazy Creations should continue writing and staging plays,” the actor said.

“Mohan’s craziness is contagious and I’ve contracted this happily, as have several other people. Making people laugh should continue,” he added. Singers Nithyashree Mahadevan and Gayathri Girish, and industrialist Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti spoke at the gathering, recalling their association and work with Mr. Mohan.

Actor, director and playwright Moulee recalled his experiences of working with Mohan and the discussions they had on the sets of the film Apoorva Sagodharargal, which starred Kamal Haasan. “I remember telling Kamal Haasan to ask Mohan to write concisely, as he used to write pages and pages. Kamal told me we would lose out on a lot of aspects of Mohan’s humour if he told him so,” he said.

“Mohan was not someone who would speak or think ill about a person, and it is heartwarming that so many people and fans have come today to celebrate him,” Mr. Moulee said.

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