CPI(M) seeks isolation centres in Agency areas

‘Provide vaccination centres in all the panchayats’

The lack of COVID-19 isolation centres in the Agency areas of Visakhapatnam district despite the second wave is causing untold hardship to the tribal people, say CPI(M) district committee secretary K. Lokanadham and district secretariat member Killo Surendra.

In a memorandum to the District Collector on Friday, they said that the tribal people live like a family at a common place in the village. If a single member of the family was affected, there was a danger of the whole village getting infected by the virus. Citing examples, they said eight cases were registered in Tokuru panchayat of Anantagiri mandal and they were forced to stay in the village due to lack of an isolation centre. Similarly, in China Labudu panchayat of Araku Valley mandal there were some infected persons and in Lothugedda PHC limits one affected person had to be put up on the road. There are 100 persons, above 45 years of age, in China Labudu panchayat of Araku Valley mandal, who have to take the jab. They have to travel 15 km to the Ginnela PHC to get vaccinated, the CPI(M) leaders said.

They said that the government should set up isolation centres and provide vaccination centres in all the panchayats in the Agency.

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