CPI(M) asks INL to get its act together

‘Party cannot exist in LDF as opposing factions’

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] has reportedly cautioned the Indian National League (INL) that its position in the Left Democratic Front (LDF) could become potentially untenable if the coalition partner continued with its “internecine bloodletting” in public.

By one account, the CPI(M) told the INL bluntly that it could not exist in the LDF as two opposing factions. The sole ministerial berth held by the INL was no assurance of its permanence in the LDF.

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was closeted with INL former State secretary A.P. Abdul Wahab at the AKG centre here. The CPI(M) leader reportedly conveyed the party’s “hardline” on factionalism to the INL leadership and asked the party to get its act together quickly.

The details of the closed-door meeting remained largely a secret.

However, CPI(M) insiders claimed that Mr. Balakrishnan had taken strong exception to the INL’s State committee meeting in Kochi on July 25. The CPI(M) felt it had degenerated into a public spectacle, with opposing INL factions battling it out on the street.

The brawl had cast doubts about the almost cult-like internal discipline in the LDF. INL leaders had disparaged each other publicly. Such open feuding usually followed an electoral defeat and was rare among LDF constituents.

The CPI(M) felt the feuding in the INL had not hurt the LDF politically. However, it would not underestimate the destructive potential of such feuds if allowed to fester.

The INL issue had also reportedly figured prominently in the CPI(M) State secretariat meeting. The CPI(M) feared that other non-communist LDF constituents could take a cue from the INL and slide into factionalism. Hence, it had accorded time to the INL to sort its issues out.

CPI(M) acting State secretary A. Vijayaraghavan had reportedly conveyed a similar message to INL general secretary Kasim Irikkur. Mr. Wahab also held talks with CPI State secretary Kanam Rajendran.

Meanwhile, some office-bearers of the Kerala Muslim Jama-ath led by Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar have reportedly attempted to mediate a rapprochement between the bitterly opposed factions in the INL. They had supposedly held talks with Mr. Kasim, Mr. Wahab, and INL Minister Ahamed Devarkovil. The outcome of the mediation effort was not immediately known.

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