COVID-19 vaccination in Ward/Village Secretariats from April 1

Employees to collect details of those above 45 years of age

Following instructions from the State government, the district administration will be speeding up the COVID-19 vaccination programme. All the Ward/Village Secretariats have now been roped in for the vaccination programme for the households in the ward limits from April 1.

According to District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO) P. Suryanarayana, each secretariat (sachivalayam) will get to organise vaccination programme once and they will be given a date. The secretariat staff needs to sensitise the 50 households regarding a day before the scheduled programme. In the meantime, they must gather the details of people above 45 years of age in their Ward, who are willing for the vaccination, and submit it to the Health Department officials. According to the instructions, the secretariat staff need to create three counters — spot registration, vaccination and certificate giving counter — to implement the programme. While in one room, vaccination will be conducted, in another room, the person will be asked to take rest for about 30 minutes. It was learnt that sachivalayams which do not have adequate space were asked to take up the programme in the nearest government buildings by creating space.

District Immunisation Officer (DIO) Jeevan Rani said that already trial run was successfully conducted in the district. There are 1,364 sachivalayams and the staff were asked to collect data regarding the vaccination programme. “Once they inform us about the number of people who are to be vaccinated in their wards, we will send the vaccine ampoules,” she said. The programme will be organised with the help of PHC staff, ANMs and a medical officer, Ms. Jeevan Rani said.

She said that there was no shortage of vaccines and adequate stock is being maintained.

Representative of Ward Secretariat – 14, Seethammadhara, S. Srinivasa Rao, said that the officials have scheduled programme in their ward on April 19, for which arrangements are being taken up. “We have two rooms. In one room, we will conduct vaccination and in another room, we will provide beds for people to take rest after being given the jab.”

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