COVID-19 surge: Delhi to procure tankers to transport oxygen with help from Centre, says Kejriwal

The Delhi government has decided to procure 18 tankers from Bangkok and 22 ready-to-use oxygen plants from France, says the Chief Minister.

The Delhi government would procure tankers from Thailand to transport oxygen supplies as well as ready-to-use oxygen plants from France with help from the Central government, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said here on Tuesday.

Addressing a digital briefing, he also said that the city would have 44 oxygen plants till the end of May and the situation regarding supply in the Capital was relatively better compared to last week.

“We are facing a shortage of tankers to procure oxygen supply allocated by the Centre; so the Delhi government has decided to purchase 18 tankers from Bangkok; 22 ready-to-use oxygen plants which will be installed at city hospitals are also being brought from France,” he said.

“The situation regarding oxygen supply at city hospitals has, over the last two days, improved considerably. There are still issues but things are not as bad as they were between Thursday and Saturday,” the Chief Minister said.

According to Mr. Kejriwal, Delhi would see eight oxygen plants being set up by the Centre till the end of April and 36 more by the Delhi government till the end of May.

Mr. Kejriwal said several industrialists, to whom he had appealed for help regarding oxygen supply, and civil society groups — both of whom requested to remain anonymous — had offered assistance to the Delhi government for which he expressed gratitude.

“As many as 1,200 additional ICU beds will be made available by May 10 which will aid the health infrastructure of the city that is currently stretched thin; we are all working together for this,” he also said.

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