COVID-19: Over 300 cases as India continues to deny community transmission: the latest updates | The Hindu In Focus Podcast

Cases of novel coronavirus are now being reported from almost every State in India and the number of reported cases has crossed 300. We’re going to use this episode to give you a quick update on what we know so far. We are building up to a big day tomorrow, when the ʻjanta curfewʼ announced by Prime minister Narendra Modi will come into force. And we’re also building up to a huge week ahead where we are likely to be in the middle  of a huge debate about the estimates for how far this could go in India, the number of cases and deaths that we could ultimately end up with and what are the strategies that we need to be adopting now, especially with regard to testing.

Guests: Suhasini Haidar, National Editor, The Hindu, & Jacob Koshy, Deputy Science Editor, The Hindu.

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