Covid-19: From worst-hit US to Pakistan, countries that have flattened the curve

The coronavirus disease has wreaked havoc across the world, as more than 24 million people have been affected. But after months of rapidly spreading, the disease finally appears to be slowing down.

The main reason for this is the measures taken by various countries to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic i.e. reducing the number of new Covid-19 cases from one day to the next.

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When a country has fewer new Covid-19 cases emerging today than it did on a previous day, that’s a sign that the country is flattening the curve.

Here is the list of countries where the curve appears to be flattening:

United States

With more than 5.7 million Covid-19 cases in the country, the United States is among the list of worst-hit nations by the pandemic.

However, the country seems to be on the path of flattening the curve as the number of daily cases has dropped to less than 45,000 in a day in the past few weeks. During the month of July, when the US was on the peak of the pandemic, the daily average case was more than 65,000.

Saudi Arabia

The daily average cases of Covid-19 in Suadi Arabia has dropped to around 1,200 cases. The country was witnessing more than 3,700 cases in July.

As of August 26, there are 309,768 Covid-19 cases in the country, highest among the Arab countries.


In January, Pakistan reported its first case of Covid-19 infection. Since the country witnessed the infection peak in June when it recorded a maximum of 6,825 cases in a day. In August, the number of daily average cases has been in the three-digit number.


After the United States, Brazil and India, Russia is the fourth country to have the highest number of Covid-19 infection. The number of total infections stood at 968,297 on August 26. While 16,638 people have lost their lives, as per the John Hopkins data.

Since hitting its peak in May, Russia has been registering around 5,000 cases in daily average in the the month of August. So far, the country has maintained that number.

In July, the number of daily average case hovered around 6,500 mark.

South Africa

The worst-hit nation in the African region, South Africa’s number of new infections has fallen to an average of 3,300 a day, from a peak of 12,000 a day in July. The average number of daily cases has been around 3,342.

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