Covid-19: Former global hotspots in grip of the virus again

Cities across the globe that once emerged as coronavirus (Covid-19) disease hotspots have begun to fall back into the clutches of the virus.

New York, London and Turin are among cities that have been put under strict lockdown ahead of an imminent second wave as experts believe that the second wave may turn out to be as deadly as the first.

Over 53.85 million people have been infected with the disease globally and 1.29 million have lost their lives, according to real-time statistics provider Worldometer.

Here is a list of hotspots that have registered a spike in Covid-19 cases again:

New Delhi: The Indian capital registered its highest-ever Covid-19 death toll on Thursday, with 104 people losing their lives due to the virus. During the last week, the daily tally once crossed the 8,500-mark in the Capital city and over 7,000 cases were registered everyday. As the city grapples with the third wave of the virus, experts believe that air pollution after the festival of Diwali may contribute to making the situation worse.  

New York: Over 18,000 people lost their lives during the first wave of Covid-19 in New York. In the last 24 hours, the city has recorded 4,821 fresh infections. Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that schools will remain closed in the city and restaurants and cafes will be allowed to stay open till 10pm. The USA is the worst coronavirus-affected country, followed by India.

Turin: Due to the spike in coronavirus cases in Turin, the government has passed an order to shut down bars and restaurants at 6pm. This decision has resulted in a widespread protest and agitation across the country. 

London: One of the worst-affected cities of Britain, London recorded 3,554 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The country has been under lockdown for over a month, but cases have not gone down. Britain accounts for most number of deaths due to coronavirus in Europe. Over 50,000 people have died of the disease in the country.  

Sao Paulo: The city with the highest population density in Brazil and one of the most populous cities of the world, Sao Paulo, has been a hotspot since May. Over 1.11 million cases and  39,311 deaths have been registered here. Brazil is the third-worst affected country in the world.

Moscow: The capital of Russia is recording over 20,000 cases of coronavirus on a daily basis. The first wave of Covid-19 ended here on May 11, after which the number of infections had started going down. As many as  7,361 deaths have been recorded here. Russia is the fifth-most affected by coronavirus in the world.

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