Council to take decision on reopening arts college

The administrative council of Government Arts College, Coimbatore will take a call on Thursday on reopening the institution for students.

Sources said though the State Government had announced that colleges would reopen on September 1, the council was yet to take a call as the institution housed a COVID Care Centre and triage centre.

One of the centres was on the playground and the other on basketball ground. Both the centres were still functional, perhaps in anticipation of the third COVID-19 wave. One of the two centres was close to the block housing the Political Science and Geography departments.

If the students were to return and COVID-19 positive persons were to get admission to the care centre or visit the triage centre, it could result in quick spread of infection among students. Therefore, the council wanted to thoroughly evaluate the consequences of all possibilities that would arise with the students’ return, discuss with the district administration, Health Department and other government institutions before taking a call on asking the students to return to classes.

The options before the council was whether to allow all students to return to classes or ask all students to continue attending online classes or continue online classes only for those students whose classrooms were in proximity to the care and triage centres, the sources added.

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