Corporation to open women-friendly shelters

Four shelters to be opened in different parts of the city

For women visiting the city on various purposes, the lack of proper toilet facilities or places where they can freshen up has been an issue. The city Corporation, with an aim to address this, is planning to set up four women-friendly shelters in different parts of the city. These shelters will have cloak room, breast-feeding and toilet facilities, among other features.

According to Palayam Rajan, Chairman of the Town Planning Committee of the city Corporation, the estimates for the project are currently being prepared and the work will begin in a short time.

“The shelters are mainly meant for women, be it working women or students or anyone else, who will be visiting the city for various purposes during the day time. Currently, they do not have such facilities in the city. The project is being prepared jointly by the Town Planning and the Works Standing Committees of the Corporation.

Funds for project

The funds for the same can be taken from the budget allocations for women-centric projects. We have around ₹1.1 crore for the purpose. The locations for the women-friendly shelters have already been identified,” he said.

One of the shelters will come up at a corner of the Gandhi Park, opposite the Sree Padmanabha theatre on the Chala market side. This land is owned by the city Corporation. At Kesavadasapuram, the shelter is proposed to be located inside the Kedaram shopping complex, owned by the Thiruvananthapuram Development Authority (TRIDA). Another one is planned at the Corporation’s land on the Medical College- Chalakkuzhy road. One more is planned in Pattom.

Last year, the Social Justice Department had opened the ‘Ente Koodu’ shelter home inside the KSRTC complex in Thampanoor, for women and children to stay at night.

The project was shaped from concerns about women who reach the city from various parts of the State and country, and are forced to stay in unsafe conditions. Some of them who end up staying in the railway station, bus stands or in front of closed shops, face different kinds of violence.

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