Corporation to improve crematorium facilities

There is an increase in the daily number of cremations in the COVID-19 period

With an increase in the daily number of cremations in the COVID-19 period, the city Corporation is taking steps to ramp up facilities at the Shanthikavadom electric crematorium located near Thycaud.

One of the major improvements is the introduction of an LPG-based cremation furnace, work on which is nearing completion.

At present, there are two electric cremation furnaces and two wood-based ones. Some of the crematoriums that have come up in other regions in recent years have opted for LPG furnaces, prompting the Corporation too to choose it while increasing the number of furnaces.

“The civil work and fittings of the LPG furnace have been completed. Almost 99% of the work is over by now. We plan to open it soon, probably within this month. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of cremations have also increased here. Some adjacent panchayats without crematorium facilities have been depending on Shanthikavadom to cremate dead bodies, especially during this pandemic period. So, there was a need for increasing the number of furnaces,” said City Corporation Mayor K. Sreekumar.

The civic body has also decided to appoint two charge officers permanently at Shanthikavadom to streamline its functioning. Two junior health inspectors will work as charge officers. Currently, the contractors handle much of the work here. According to Corporation officials, there have been complaints from the public regarding bookings and in the process for getting cremation certificates.

“There have been complaints on the booking facility especially on days when large numbers of cremations happen. With the new system, these processes will be made easier,” said an official.

The officers will also oversee the sales of materials required for carrying out last rites, which will be made available for a nominal fee at Shanthikavadom. A composting system to handle all the other waste generated here, including flowers, plantain leaves, and similar biodegradable waste, will also be set up here.

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