Corporation resolves water contamination complaint within hours

On Monday morning, members of the P.V.S. Garden Residents Welfare Association were at the Corporation main office in Town Hall to complain to Deputy Commissioner G. Vimalraj about the contaminated water supplied to them in last 20 days.

Pipeline damage

Suspecting that the water was contaminated with sewage, the residents said that the water pipeline in the area could have been damaged when a telecom service provider dug earth to lay underground optical fibre cable.

Within hours of they submitting the petition to Mr. Vimalraj, the Corporation swung into action and by 9 p.m., they received water, said resident M. Raja.

Two Corporation engineers went to their area in Nanjundapuram and found that the pipeline was damaged and that sewage overflowing from a nearby chamber had entered the pipeline to contaminate the water.

Though the Corporation had repaired the damaged water pipeline by plugging the leak, the residents continued to face problem from the overflowing underground drainage chamber, he added.

Blocks in sewer line

Sources in the Corporation said it was not just one chamber that overflowed. In fact, all the chambers along Nanjundapuram Road overflowed because of multiple blocks in the main sewer line.

The civic body had started work to remove the blocks caused mainly due to indiscriminate dumping of waste materials at the southern end of the road, the sources said and added that in a couple of days the main sewer line would be free of blocks.

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