Coronavirus | Maharashtra surge worrisome, says CM

Strict action on those who violate norms

Remarking that Maharashtra’s sudden and steep surge in Covid-19 cases was worrisome indeed, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that the government would come to know within the next fifteen days whether or not the State was facing a ‘second wave’ of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Thackeray further warned that the administration would be taking strict punitive action against citizens and businesses not adhering to pandemic regulations.

“Today, the State has reported nearly 7,000 cases as opposed to 15 days ago, when Maharashtra was reporting just 2,000-2,500 cases daily. The State’s active case tally, which had dipped below 40,000 a week ago, has now soared to 53,000. In this week, Mumbai’s cases have doubled, so has the numbers in Pune district. This is a very bad situation. I am especially worried that the sudden rise of cases in Amravati district in Vidarbha has begun from the district’s peak that it had attained last year,” said the Chief Minister, addressing the State on Sunday.

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