Contractor booked for incomplete work

Firm was to finish work in 2017 but did not build a single house till now

The Karnataka Slum Development Board has filed a case of cheating against a contractor, Aishwarya Giri Constructions, for incomplete work in Akkiyappa Gardens.

The firm bagged a contract to build 543 houses in four locations in 2015 and was expected to complete the work by 2017. However, to date, not a single house has been completed, said the board in its complaint. The contractor has reportedly started work on only 343 houses, of which he has not completed a single house.

“The firm has not even begun work on the remaining 200 houses, and the contractor abandoned the half complete work since 2017,” said the police.

Several residents of Akkiyappa Gardens slum petitioned the board recently pointing out that nearly three years have passed since the deadline and the promised delivery date for their houses under Rajiv Awas Yojana. Many complained that they have been pushed into debt. Some are unable to afford rent elsewhere while others have taken loans. The board in its complaint has said despite several notices since 2017 the contractor has neither responded nor completed the work, prompting them to register the complaint.

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