Connecting start-ups with investors

LetsVenture, the start-up investment platform that has designed the T-Angel programme, has over 6,500 investors, half of whom are new investors, and over 220 are from Telangana.

Speaking on the sidelines of the T-Angel launch, LetsVenture founder and chief executive officer Shanti Mohan described online and offline engagement of investors and start-ups as a powerful partnership.

“Today, if you look at our platform, 50% of the investors are new. When I say ‘new investors’, they are not young investors. They are new to the asset class. They are excellent in public market investing,” she said.

The platform, she said, receives 200 new in-bound requests every month from applicants who wish to be investors. The company’s executives then engage with them on subjects such as investments and their feasibility. After this, around 60 or 70 investors are taken on board.

She explained that some investors and founders of start-ups are unaware of investment regulations of the Securities and Exchange Board of India such as opening a separate bank account for the purpose. She opined that there are some rules which need to be followed and LetsVenture helps in following these stipulations.

The platform has over 25,000 start-ups and receives as many as 300 new applications every month. It has over 130 family offices and 80 microfunds as well.

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