Congress leaders blame BJP for unemployment in Himachal

Blames government’s policies for rise in unemployment

Congress leaders and other members on Friday staged a demonstration in Himachal Pradesh’s Dharamshala against the BJP government, accusing it of providing jobs to people from other States. It also blamed the government’s “ill-conceived policies” for a sharp rise in unemployment in the State.

The party leaders also blamed BJP governments, both at the Centre and in the State, for a sharp rise in prices of fuel and domestic gas. Party workers, led by Congress’ state chief Kuldeep Singh Rathore and senior party leader and general secretary Kewal Singh Pathania, held a protest march in the main market of the town.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Rathore accused the state government of selling government jobs to people from other states.

“They are doing grave injustice to the unemployed people of the state. Those from outside are being recruited in different departments, which is unfortunate. Unemployment is rising in the State, but the government does not have a roadmap to bring it down. Instead of giving jobs to the youth, the government is snatching whatever employment that exists. The BJP government does not even compare with the number of jobs created during the previous Congress government,” he said.

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