Concern over Nipah fading away

46 people on victim’s contact list test negative for the virus

The concern over Nipah infection seems to be fading away in the State as 46 people on the contact list of Mohammed Hashim, the 12-year-old from Chathamangalam in Kozhikode district who had succumbed to it earlier this week, have tested negative for the virus.

They include 17 persons symptomatic of the infection, such as Hashim’s parents, relatives and healthcare workers who attended to him at various levels. This was declared by Health Minister Veena George on Wednesday. While the results of 20 samples were declared on Wednesday morning, those of 16 others were announced in the evening. The other results were made public on Tuesday.

Ms. George said that though there was no need to get scared, people should remain alert. The samples are tested at the National Institute of Virology lab in Pune and a special facility set up at the Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode. The results of 15 more samples would be made available by Thursday.

Meanwhile, the number of people on the contact list had risen to 265. This follows the publication of an institutional route map of Hashim, who had visited five healthcare institutions between August 29 and September 1.

The Minister said that those who had turned negative for the virus could go home in three days, but they should be under quarantine for some more days. A total of 62 people were under isolation at the MCH, Kozhikode. Right now only 12 people are symptomatic of the infection, but their condition is stable.

The head of an expert team from the National Institute of Virology, Pune, had reached Kozhikode, Ms. George said, adding that his colleagues would join him in the coming days.

The COVID-19 vaccination would continue in all places in Kozhikode district, except areas declared as Nipah containment zones.

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