Comprehensive tourism project launched in Beypore

Beypore to be declared premier tourism destination in 2024

Tourists will be able to have an unadulterated experience of the life and lifestyle of Beypore once it becomes a premium Responsible Tourism destination, Tourism Minister P.A. Mohamed Riyas has said.

Launching a comprehensive tourism development project for Beypore under the aegis of the Responsible Tourism Mission here on Sunday, the Minister said the project would result in economic development, better standard of life, and empowerment of all sections in Beypore.

Mr. Riyas said Beypore was the gateway to India once and an undisputed commercial development centre of Malabar. This historical significance of the region coupled with the present day attractions is a heady mix of factors suitable for a perfect tourism destination, he added, pointing out that the tile factories, bird sanctuary, estuary, and mangrove forests, besides the Uru industry and cultural attractions would be part of it.

The project was kick-started in July 2021 following which officials of the Responsible Tourism Mission were busy conducting field work and collecting data. The declaration of Beypore as a Responsible Tourism Destination will be made in July 2024.

Mission State coordinator K. Roopesh Kumar, in his address, cited the expected rise in employment opportunities as the tourism potential of the region improved. “We need people to supply food, guides who can speak in the languages of visiting tourists, homestays, and memento makers to cater for tourists,” he said, adding the Mission would train interested local people in any of the allied businesses during the three years, so that they could be part of the grand scheme. He also explained the various ways the Mission planned to market Beypore.

Kadalundi grama panchayat president V.S. Anusha presided over the event. Mayor Beena Philip and District Collector N. Tej Lohit Reddy were guests of honour.

Basheer memorial

The Minister said a memorial for writer Vaikom Muhammed Basheer would soon be a reality, with the Tourism Department joining hands with the Kozhikode Corporation for the purpose. He added that the memorial would be a key part of the Literary Tourism Circuit that the Government had announced in the Budget. The literary circuit consists of Thrithala in Palakkad district and Ponnani and Tirur in Malappuram district, besides Beypore, which was the centre of activities of Basheer, popularly known as Beypore Sultan.

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