Chiranjeevi Ratthaalu injured

Raai Laxmi is one of the popular face of Indian film Industry. The actress is also known for sharing her b*ld bikini pics on Instagram. Now according to the latest report, Raai Laxmi was injured  recently during the shoot of her upcoming film when she was performing an action sequence. The reports are coming that  her leg was hurt while she was trying to pull off an action.  But the actress decided to work the next day too.

Raai Laxmi, who is known for the item song Ratthaalu (Khaidi No 150 starring Chiranjeevi), has completed over 14 years in the film industry, and she has acted over 50 films in several languages. The sources close to Raai Laxmi  revealed that the actress injured herself three days back. When she was busy in the shoot of an action sequence, she had to kick someone, when she raised her knee, it ended up hitting a hard surface.

According to Raai Laxmi, she  wasn’t aware of the bruises then, but the next morning her leg was swollen and there were bruises on her body.  Her team asked her to stop  the shoot and take first aid.

According to her, she  was put on pain killers and the doctor said to her that  her wound would take two weeks to heal. She is expected to join the sets from next month.

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