Chandrababu Naidu political future has been destroyed

Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy has said that he is ready to contest against Telugu Desam Party  -TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu in Kuppam if  Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy orders. He  strongly criticized TDP National President N Chandrababu Naidu, following the latter’s visit to TDP activists in Peeleru Sub Jail. Peddireddy accused Chandrababu Naidu of working for his own personal gain and spreading false propaganda against the government.

Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy also stated that Chandrababu Naidu’ political future has been destroyed by the people and there is no chance of him contesting in the Chittoor district again. Ramachandra Reddy challenged. He said that he is ready to contest in two constituencies, Kuppam and Punganur.

Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy commented that there is no chance of Chandrababu contesting again in Chittoor district. He said that he had once left Chittoor district and the  people understood his conspiracies. He added that Chandrababu Naidu’ talk about democracy is ridiculous and that YCP is sure to win in Kumpa.

The battle between Chandrababu Naidu and Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is going on fiercely. Both are throwing challenges and counter-challenges. Peddireddy is trying to defeat Chandrababu Naidu  in Kuppam.  And Chandrababu is trying to defeat Peddireddy in Punganur. They have been political rivals since 40 years. Chief Minister Jagan has also started development works with the aim of winning YCP in Kuppam this time.

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