Chance to see a Lady Bigg Boss Winner in this season..!

The Lady Bigg Boss title winner has never been seen before in the Bigg Boss Seasons. Male contestants have been winners for almost 5 seasons. In other languages Bigg Boss Lady also became a winner. But in Telugu, male dominance was more prevalent. In season 2, Geeta Madhuri and in season 3, both Srimukhi were runners-up in the title fight.Especially in season 3, everyone thought that Srimukhi would be the winner. But, Revenge on Rahul kept Srimukhi as the runner-up.

Now Bindu Madhavi is giving a tough fight to Akhil in the OTT season. Akhil Sarthak was at the top last week, this time Bindu Madhavi is spreading his voting power by overtaking Akhil Sarthak. Looking at the unofficial polling sites, Bindu Madhavi is being voted as Huge. 2 to 5 percent ahead of Akhil in voting. If voting continues like this for a few more weeks, there is no doubt that Bindu Madhavi will be on top.

If votes are cast in this range to the point without any elevation for the third week in a row, no matter what performance is made in the task in the coming weeks, no matter what situation in the house changes in his favor, that points will not turn in voting.

Bindumadhavi is also nowhere to be found influenced by anyone’s words.She seems to be saying the same thing what she thinks. Logic in the game is also doing a workout. If someone starts targeting her, she will definitely get a positive response from the audience. If the voting percentage increases, it will definitely be in the title race.

At present in Bigg Boss Nonstop House has a combined 12 nominations this week. Nominations were also made from both the juniors and seniors teams. All the juniors except Anil Radhod are in the nominations. Also, all the seniors except Sarayu and Ashureddy are in the nominations. Based on this, voting among them is now going on juicy. It remains to be seen whether the Lady contestant will be the Bigg Boss title winner in OTT Season 1 atleast.

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