Chakrasnanam marks Dwadasi celebrations

Chakrasnanam marked the Vaikunta Dwadasi celebrations at the temple of Lord Venkateswara here on Saturday.

The idol of Lord Chakrathalwar was taken around the mada streets in a grand procession to the pushkarini where the priests immersed the idol in the tank waters. The ritual was performed in ekantham and no devotee was allowed to take part in the celebrations in view of COVID restrictions.

The pushkarini has been kept out of reach for the public since March in the aftermath of the outbreak of coronavirus. Even during the annual Brahmotsavams, the Chakrasnanam was organised in a makeshift tank inside the temple.

There were conflicting reports that a small group of pilgrims who had purchased the Srivani-linked VIP darshan tickets reportedly entered into a verbal dual with the temple staff, miffed over not being permitted beyond the idols of Jaya and Vijaya inside the temple.

Tirumala ASP Muniramaiah, however, said that no untoward incident took place and urged the devotees to take note of the implementation of Maha Laghu darshan system at the hill temple.

Meanwhile, Justice Indra Banerjee of the Supreme Court also visited the temple and had the Vaikunta dwara darshan. TTD Executive Officer K.S. Jawahar Reddy accorded her a warm reception at the main temple, and facilitated the darshan of the deity and presented her with a memento and laddu prasadam of the Lord.

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