Chain robbery case reveals many facts


An investigation into a chain robbery here on Wednesday based on video footage of closed circuit television camera network revealed many facts.

Firstly, the footage identified the accused as he was caught fleeing from the scene after snatching three sovereigns of ‘gold’ chain from a woman as she was returning from milk booth early on Wednesday morning.

“We tracked him at Rightanpatti after identifying him as J. Prem (23) and found him sporting the same pattern of dress as seen in the video footage,” Deputy Superintendent of Police (Srivilliputtur), S. Namasivayam said.

However, when the seizure was made, the police found the chain to be an imitation. The victim and her neighbours identified the chain.

Subsequently, the woman said she was not aware that the chain, which was gifted to her by her brother a couple of months back, was an imitation. “She confirmed it with her brother,” the DSP said.

Incidentally, the accused, who had only a hurt case against him in the past, was caught in his maiden attempt after snatching only an imitation chain.

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