Centre hails Tripura for transparency in MGNREGA projects

Official says that in 2020-21 fiscal, the State provided 75 mandays so far

The Centre has lauded Tripura for successfully implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) project in the State. The Ministry of Rural Development, in its latest report, hailed the implementation of the project in a transparent manner.

The report highlighted segments such as performance, transparency and labour management of the project in Tripura. The State topped the list in the transparency segment of the report.

A senior State government official on Monday said that in the 2020-21 fiscal Tripura provided 75 mandays, highest in the State so far under the MGNREGA. The accomplishment ratio of timely work in Tripura is 99.16% while the State achieved 99.16% success in timely payment of wages to workers, he added.

The official said the rate of implementation of the MGNREGA project in 2017-18 was 84%, which had gone up to 98.24% in 2020-21.

Tripura has won seven awards from the Central Government in the past three years in different areas of performance under the MGNREGA.

This was possible due to generation of more mandays (75 days) in 2020-21.

In the first half of the present financial year of 2021-22, the MGNREGA already scored 36.52% and the State officials are hopeful of providing work for at least 80 days by the end of the current fiscal.

Officials said wages amounting to ₹1153 crore were credited directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries in 2020-21, and ₹547 crore already credited this year so far. A total of 6.38 lakh rural people have job cards under the MGNREGA.

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