Celebreties in Shivareddy Daughter Half Saree Function !!

There is no introduction need to the name Shivareddy.. A well known Mimicri Artist as well as He continues to entertain fans by making fun in movies and on various shows on television. No matter what the event till now.. Shivareddy mimicry was must.

In an interview, Shiva Reddy said that a star comedian has hindered his growth and prevented him from getting the roles he deserves. However, Shivareddy has earned a special recognition for himself as an actor and as a mimicry artist.

The comedy that Shiva Reddy cultivates by imitating the heroes of that time is had a lot of fun at all. But, the audience does not know much about his family. Earlier, Shivareddy and his wife Swati made a fuss over the couple in Ismart jodi. Recently, Shivareddy couple’s grand Daughter’s Half Saree function held grandly.

To this event some celebrities like Ali and others attended from the film industry. Photos related to it are going viral on social media. Take a look at them yourself:

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