CBI arrests its own official for forgery

He allegedly placed a forged note in case file and used photograph to get favour

The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested its own official for allegedly placing a forged note in the file of a case involving Yes Bank co-founder Rana Kapoor and others, and using its photograph for an attempt to get favour from Indiabulls.

The official, identified as Lower Division Clerk Sumeet Kumar, was posted with the agency’s anti-corruption branch in Mumbai.

The alleged forgery was detected on December 21 when senior officials were reviewing the case file with the counsel ahead of a court hearing in the matter. They found an additional note sheet: Shri Sammir Galout and Smt Bindu Rana Kapoor is arrest is put up for kind perusal Pls”.

The note was shown to have been signed by the Superintendent of Police concerned, approved by the Deputy Inspector-General and accepted by the Deputy Superintendent of Police. However, when cross-checked with the Crime Assistant, he identified the handwriting on the note to be of Sumeet kumar.

In order to confirm, the officials went through the closed-circuit television camera footage, which established that the accused created the note, took its pictures and that of other note sheets of the same file. During questioning, he disclosed that the photos were sent to Mohit Kumar of Mohit Trading Company, a housing keeping agency working with Indiabulls.

“He further disclosed that the images of the note sheets have been sent to Mohit Kumar to impress upon Indiabulls to extend their contract of work of house keeping being undertaken by them, by giving favour in the matter of possible arrest of Sameer Gehlout, the then promoter and managing director of Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited,” said the First Information Report.

The accused had also sent an image of blank note sheet carrying the Superintendent of Police’s stamp impression, through a WhatsApp message, to one Deepak. As it turned out, the stamp pad had gone missing a day ago.

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