Cabinet approves draft ordinance

Welfare fund board for MGNREGS workers

The State Cabinet on Wednesday decided to recommend the Governor to promulgate an ordinance for the setting up of a welfare fund board for Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) and Ayyankali Employment Guarantee Scheme workers.

As per the ordinance, the workers will get pension, medical assistance, educational aid for their children and other benefits.

The Cabinet has approved a draft in this regard, which has provision to provide pension for those who have completed the age of 60 and have paid their contributions continuously till that age, for not less than five years. If a member passes away, the family will get the financial aid. Around 12 lakh workers, with 11 lakh of them from MGNREGS, stand to benefit from the scheme.

The workers will have to pay a nominal monthly amount of around ₹50 as contribution, with the government making an equal contribution. Those between the age of 18 and 55 can register for membership. The fund also provides medical assistance, educational assistance for children, funds for marriage and family benefits.

The conditions would ensure that those who have been part of the MGNREGS workforce for at least five years would be able to draw the benefits. So, those who take part as stop gap arrangements will not be considered. Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac had also proposed festival allowance for those who have completed 75 work days in a year.

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