Brutal troll: Please don't spoil Vijay Deverakonda Hard work

Pan-India film Liger starring Vijay Deverakonda  and Ananya Panday is set to hit the big screen on 25th August, 2022. The first glimpse of the film will be out on 31st December at 10:03 am. As part of promotions,  Puri Jagannadh dropped a teaser video announcing the date and time of the film’s first glimpse.   Now the netizens are trolling  Puri Jagannadh and the team of Liger for such type of video. Few called it World video whereas few requested the makers to  not spoil the hard work of  Vijay  Deverakonda. Few comments by the netizens are as follows:

Mind Augur: Idi special video? Just wasted my time. Why do you hype for every miniscule thing? DISAPPOINTED. Sorry to say this  Vijay Deverakonda, Upto now, no update really satisfied me. Posters, Title, all are average. #VijayDeverakonda #LIGER

 K Rajendra Reddy: If you we can make like this without money better quality i think puri become old enough he lost his grace not connecting to telugu ppl and south ppl no use

 My Hero: @purijagan Rey, kine master lo edit chesi pettesava video burra minginda meku. Pan India movie ra idhi. Short film kadhu.

 Rohithking: Worst editing worst big announcement ever

 Honest Review: Entra idi Poor man KGF copy

 MK: Please don’t spoil Vijay Deverakonda Hardwork

 Mr Rowdy: From the first two dates we already knew it was going to be 10:03 am Absolute nonsense going on. The person who came up with this video idea deserves an Oscar #Liger.

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