Broadcast advertisement rates hiked

Ahead of the election, the government has increased the advertisement rates it offers to private television channels. The decision will mean an increase of 11% for most channels.

The last increase was effected in 2017, and the one before in 2012.

Sources in the Information and Broadcasting Ministry said the hike did not follow any schedule. “The revised rates have been announced on the basis of the report of a committee constituted by the Ministry…,” an official of the Ministry said. The report came in on January 1 this year.

Differential rates will be offered to news and non-news channels, depending on their reach.

The fiat comes days after the Centre raised by 25% the rates at which the Bureau of Outreach and Communication releases its advertisements to print media.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has taken a decision to revise the advertisement rates offered by BOC to private TV channels, the statement said.

The revision would lead to an increase of 11% over the 2017 rates for most private television channels and it could be even higher for some others, depending upon their reach and ratings, the statement said. The decision would also make it easier for television channels to be empanelled with the BOC to take advantage of the higher rates.

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