Birds of Ramanathapuram come alive in this book

A.S. Marimuthu, Wildlife Warden, Ramanathapuram, and District Forest Officer P. Arun Kumar released a book published by Tamil Nadu Forest Department on birds of Ramanathapuram district.

The book was written along with the inputs of ornithologists and bird watchers.

Mr. Marimuthu praised the efforts of the forest department officials and bird watchers in writing this book. He said that initially funds were allocated by the government to publish books on birds found at the five bird sanctuaries in the district. Later, it was decided to write a book on birds found across the district, he added.

Mr. Arun Kumar said that special characteristics of each of the birds have been mentioned in the book along with photographs.

Ramanathapuram forest range officer S. Satish said that the book has more coverage on 160 birds, especially those that were found in the bird census of the last 10 years. The forest department is also planning to give copies of the book to the libraries of schools across the district, he added.

S. Ganesalingam, Assistant Conservator of Forests, bird watchers and other forest department officials were present during the event.

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