BIMA surgery clinic opened at Care Hospitals

Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali on Wednesday inaugurated BIMA bypass surgery clinic that has been established by Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills, on its premises.

“Coronary bypass surgery has usually been the solution to a blocked artery. The procedure involves taking a healthy blood vessel from the leg or arm to replace the blocked vessel and restore the blood flow. The lesser-known fact is that a blood vessel can also be taken from the chest — Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery (BIMA), the spare arteries inside the chest. They could be ideal substitutes for heart bypass surgery as it has shown to provide long-term benefits, as per medical studies conducted by leading hospitals around the globe,” a press note informed.

The corporate hospital management stated that BIMA’s advantages also include minimum risk of brain stroke when used with beating heart surgery, resistance to ageing process of atherosclerosis, and that both young and old patients can be operated on, and no cuts on legs or hands are required. The size of BIMA is almost the same as coronary arteries.

Hospital COO Rahul Medakkar and director for Cardiothoracic Surgery Prateek Bhatnagar were among those present at the inauguration.

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