Bigg Boss 4: Noel Sean to be the captain this week!

The biggest reality show Bigg Boss Season 4 is going on the right path. The reality show has been getting huge TRPs, thanks to the tasks and the contestants. This season the contestants are dedicating completely to the tasks be it the physical or not. This week the captaincy task is going to be Deal or No Deal.

The task is that Bigg Boss has divided the housemates into two groups, one headed by Akhil and the other headed by Ariyana.

Sohel who is the captain of the house will be the sanchalak. Bigg Boss will give tasks to the contestants and fix a rate for each of the contestants.

After the end buzzer, the team with the least number of coins will be the winner and one contestant from this group will be awarded the captaincy. Now, the latest information is that Noel Sean has been elected as the new captain.

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