Beyond the call of duty

Madnapur police perform last rites of abandoned octogenarian

Displaying its humane side, Madnapur police in Wanaparthy district, on Friday, performed the funeral of an octogenarian woman, who breathed her last following a prolonged illness.

The 85-year-old Shakuntala, whose husband passed away several years ago, was living in a tenement in Madnapur mandal headquarters. As there was no support from her daughter, Shakuntala was seeking alms for her livelihood.

When she was informed about her mother’s death, neither the woman nor any other villagers turned up even to give her decent last rites due to the pandemic. Soon after getting information about Shakuntala’s body left unattended, Sub-Inspector Tirupajji along with his colleagues made all arrangements, became pallbearers and carried the elderly woman’s body to cremation ground in the village. The police team cremated her as per Hindu traditions, police said.

The humane gesture by Madnapur police was appreciated by villagers, senior police officers and even netizens, as the photo went viral on social media. District Superintendent of Police Apoorva Rao tweeted: “Beyond call of duty! We are all in this together.”

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