BDA to allow visitors in batches

Citizens allege they are not allowed to meet officials even after long wait

Delay in allowing the general public to meet officials of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) angered many people on Wednesday.

Citizens alleged that despite waiting for several hours, they were not allowed to meet officials. After BDA started auctioning corner sites, the number of people coming to the office for enquiries had increased.

Meanwhile, some of the BDA staff tested positive for COVID-19 leading to offices being sealed for four days. In this backdrop, the Authority decided to impose certain restrictions on visitors.

After Wednesday’s incident, the BDA issued a release stating that officials and staff were screened for COVID-19 and results are awaited.

“Visitors were allowed inside in batches. On Wednesday, people had come in large numbers, which led to confusion,” states the release.

Only 10 to 15 persons were allowed at a time. Only when the first batch had exited the office was the next batch of visitors allowed inside.

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