Bandla Ganesh clears air on his next project

Comedian turned producer Bandla Ganesh is currently focussed on his comeback. It has been a long time that he has produced a project on Parameshwara prodcutions. The latest news is that Bandla Ganesh has approached Pawan Kalyan for his next project and the Power Star has responded positively as well.

The speculations are that the Bandla Ganesh is now trying a project in the combination of Puri Jagannath and Pawan Kalyan. In their combination, films like Badri, Camera Man Ganga Tho Rambabu came and we all know the results of these movies. While fans are excted about this project, Bandla Ganesh has cleared the air. He has tweeted, “If any film Finalise in my banner I will announce.”

With these the speculations should be put to rest.

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