Bandi Sanjay’s tour a failure, his outbursts to divert attention: Vinod Kumar

Vice Chairman of Telangana State Planning Board B. Vinod Kumar has alleged that State BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar was trying to divert attention from the “poor response to his padayatra” by making sensational and false allegations against the government.

At a press conference here on Sunday, he said that Mr. Sanjay had in fact become a brand ambassador for the government’s welfare programmes by constantly talking about them during his walkathon. He himself had seen the Green Telangana in his tour with canals flowing and tanks filled up due to the irrigation projects. “Telangana will survive three continuous years of drought given the increased water table and the availability of water for irrigation,” he said.

Mr. Vinod Kumar said that on the education front too, Telangana’s progress was being watched curiously by the country. Hundreds of residential schools started for SC, ST, BC and minority students with government spending ₹1.30 lakh on each student. Similarly, students going abroad for higher education are getting ₹20 lakh support that no other State gives, he said.

The former MP said that BJP can never come to power in Telangana and their promises of implementing new schemes are laughable. He reminded that BJP lost deposit in Nagarjunasagar while it won with a wafer thin margin in Dubbak due to confusion over the election symbols.

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