Attack on nuns: Pinarayi hits out against Union Minister Piyush Goyal

The Minister’s claims were false and the attack was carried out for the ‘sole reason that they were nuns’, says the Chief Minister.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has charged that the attack on nuns on a train in Uttar Pradesh recently is “proof that minorities have no protection under the Central government” and the statement of Union Minister Piyush Goyal has established the fact once again.

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While addressing a press conference in Kasaragod on Tuesday, he said that Mr. Goyal claimed that nuns were not attacked on trains in Uttar Pradesh and it was only an allegation. But the claims were false and the attack was carried out for the “sole reason that they were nuns”, Mr. Vijayan reiterated.

“In a country where the right to freedom of movement is constitutionally protected, they were attacked for the sole reason that they were nuns,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that despite the natural calamities and COVID-19, Kerala had become a “world model”. But even the Opposition was afraid to discuss the development of Kerala.

The Central government should take the responsibility of resolving the sufferings of the people, but its agenda was to divide the people. This was the agenda of the RSS. At the same time, there was a move to “break the Constitution”, Mr. Vijayan alleged.

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The Congress was not fulfilling its responsibility to fight the RSS’s communalism and to protect constitutional rights. But there was great interest in “joining hands with the BJP to attack the LDF”, he said.

Mr. Vijayan claimed that in this election they would “close the account opened by the BJP” five years ago and its vote share would go down. The people would retaliate against them in the election, he said.

Union Ministers had repeatedly announced that the amendment to the citizenship law would be implemented once the COVID-19 vaccination was completed. The Kerala government had already made it clear that it would not implement it in the State, the Chief Minister clarified. Citizenship determined on the basis of religion was unconstitutional.

The unity of the people was the strength of any nation. Any move to break that unity would be rejected by the LDF, he added.

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