Asus eyes 20% of India consumer PC market

Unveils ‘ProArt’ for content creators

Tech firm Asus on Tuesday unveiled a laptop series aimed at content creators as it eyes 20% share in the Indian consumer PC segment in 2022. The firm expects to grow 33% in its consumer and gaming PC business this year in the country.

“After the pandemic, the content creators segment… whether YouTube or Podcast or even traditional artists, music producers; their requirements to have a better laptop is increasing dramatically,” Arnold Su, business head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India, told The Hindu. As there was no ‘creator series’ in the market, customers chose gaming machines. The India market for gaming PCs is 7 lakh units, of which 30% is bought by the creators.

As per IDC’s Q3 report, Asus had achieved 16.5% market share, he said. Asus on Tuesday unveiled the ‘ProArt series’ laptop at a price of ₹1,69,990.

“This year we expect to close at 800,000 units; next year, [our] target is 1.3 million units,” he said. Leon Yu, regional director, System Business Group, Asus India & South Asia, added, “We are … evaluating Electronics Manufacturing Services in India to [make] products and start collaborating.”

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