Assam’s Sankara Sangha member reportedly expelled for rearing pigs

The move by the Biswanath district branch of Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha has sparked resentment among rural people associated with the organisation

A month after a middle-aged Muslim man was assaulted for allegedly selling beef, north-eastern Assam’s Biswanath district is in the news again for another animal – pig.

A district branch of the Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha, popularly Sankara Sangha, reportedly expelled Balenda Nath, a member, on Tuesday for rearing pigs. This has sparked resentment among the largely rural people associated with the largest socio-religious and cultural organisation of Assam formed in 1930.

“You are running a pig and poultry farm despite our advice not to. We have thus decided to keep you and your family out of our branch,” a letter from the president and secretary of the Afrakhat unit of the Sangha told Mr. Nath.

Balenda Nath’s “expulsion” caused resentment among the locals while a relative took to social media to criticise the Sabha. “Pig farming is not a crime. Those running the Sangha should reform themselves,” Indrajit Nath said.

“We have been alerted about the incident, but we need time to find out what actually happened. The Sangha does not empower anyone to expel anybody or making anyone an outcast. We are looking into this and would make amends if any injustice has been done to a member,” the Sangha’s chief secretary Babul Bora told The Hindu.

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