Ashes immersion emblematic of govt.’s failure, says Congress

The State government’s action of immersing the unclaimed ashes of COVID-19 victims has been described by the Congress as emblematic of its failure to protect the people.

The unclaimed ashes of over 850 victims were immersed in the Cauvery at Belakavadi village in Malavalli taluk of Mandya district on Wednesday by Revenue Minister R. Ashok. The Minister had said that it was the government’s decision to accord a dignified farewell to the deceased whose bodies were left unclaimed leading to cremation or burial depending on the religious background of the individuals.

Taking exception to the act, H.A.Venkatesh, KPCC spokesperson, said here on Thursday that instead of protecting the people through pro-active measures and initiatives such as ramping up hospital facilities and ensuring timely availability of medicine and oxygen the government was conducting the last rites of the deceased which “showcases its failure.”

“By immersing the ashes, the government is trying to expiate its failure that led to the death of thousands of people.”

The situation has come to such a pass that the government had to struggle to find suitable land for burial and cremation of the COVID-19 victims. The people of this State will not forget or forgive the ‘failure’ of the government.

The KPCC spokesperson also criticised Mr. Ashok for what he described as “polluting the river and fuelling superstitious beliefs” and trying to divert public attention from the government’s failure.

Mr. Venkatesh said the act of immersing the ashes is best left to the bereaved families but the government was stoking religious sentiments to cover up its failure by taking the responsibility for immersion instead of ramping up health infrastructure.

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