As monsoon hits the coast, Konkan Railway equips itself to face heavy rains

The Corporation executes all safety-related civil works along its 740-km network

The Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd., (KRCL), that facilitates operation of trains on the West Coast between Thokur (near Mangaluru) and Roha in Maharashtra, that witness heavy rains during the monsoon, has geared up to ensure safe passage of trains.

Fighting the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the Corporation has undertaken all pre-monsoon civil works across its 740 km network to maintain track and passenger amenities. Special attention was given to catch water drain cleaning and inspection of cuttings. KRCL in a release here said the large-scale geo-safety works executed in the past few years have significantly reduced incidences of boulder fall and soil slip affecting movement of trains. No major disruption in services had occurred in the last eight years due to boulder fall during the monsoon.


The Corporation has deployed as many as 681 personnel for patrolling of tracks and installations during the monsoon while vulnerable locations would be under watch round-the-clock by stationary watchmen. Besides imposing speed restrictions at locations vulnerable for landslip and boulder fall, BRN-mounted earthmovers have been kept ready at nominated points for quick movement during emergencies.

KRCL has asked loco pilots to run trains at reduced speeds of 40 kmph during low visibility induced by heavy rains. Self-propelled accident relief medical vans with operation theatres and emergency medical aid have been kept ready at Ratnagiri and Verna. An accident relief train has also been kept ready at Verna. KRCL has provided mobile phones to safety category staff; and walkie-talkies to both loco pilots and guards. Every station is equipped with a 25 Watt VHF base station facilitating communication between train crew and station masters. Emergency communication sockets have been provided at almost every km of the track to enable patrolmen as well as crew to contact station masters and control room. All main signal aspects are now equipped with LEDs for improved visibility.

Self-recording rain gauges at nine stations, flood warning system on three bridges that frequently witness flash floods, and anemometers at four locations to gauge wind speed are some other safety measures taken by KRCL.

Monsoon timetable wherein trains run at reduced speeds would be effective on the Konkan route between June 10 and October 31.

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